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  • Gleis Park

    Gleis Park

    How do you create living space where there isn't any? With new sustainability: Housing instead of parking in the heart of Berlin.


  • Great Mosque

    Great Mosque

    The mosque complex, which faces Mecca, combines various cultural and religious facilities on the 26 hectare site. In 2008, our team won the international competition. Construction work on the Djamaâ el Djazaïr, Arabic for Great Mosque, began in 2011 and was completed in 2020.


  • Living


    The digital world is changing city dwellers’ life styles and their notion of society. New living typologies are needed in order to respond to this trend. Hybrid buildings that combine housing, work spaces, hospitality, wellness and service facilities, are just as much in demand as new forms of collective homes, so–called Co-Living. Residents’ needs for private and personal spaces need to be reconciled with areas for (communal) activities all under the single roof and with an intelligent footprint. The semi–public areas in and around a property are also increasingly becoming the residents’ active lifeworlds and therefore need to be designed vibrant, attractive surroundings. With this in mind, We do not only set high standards in terms of planning, construction, and design, but also questions existing living concepts.


  • Transformation


    Transformation – preserving and adapting buildings to current requirements makes sense in many instances both from an ecological and economic perspective. The aim is always to upgrade the economic, technical and aesthetic value of a property; this typically means that a wide variety of aspects relating to building law, energy, statics but also constructional and con-servation aspects need to be considered. Such work requires both extensive technical know-how and creativity to attune these various requirements with one another and ultimately find the best possible solution.



  • 2nd prize for the Art Museum in Wenzhou 15.06.2022

    Like a sail on the water

    We have a winner! We are delighted to report that our design for a new museum in China has garnered a 2nd prize. A new quarter is taking shape in the north of the megacity of Wenzhou, a quarter that will offer not only working environments but also cultural facilities. Both the district’s location on the waterfront with mountains bordering it to the north and its role as part of the new Maritime Silk Road are set to transform the district into a very special meeting point. Water as one of the elements has a major significance as far as Wenzhou is concerned. Here, there is an especially long tradition of fishing. Our design recognizes the city’s important location on the river yet close to the mountains and raises the museum up, lending it a dynamic air, so that it resembles a sail in the wind and, in concert with the surrounding landscape, appears to form the tail end of a boat on the water. Inside the museum, there are strong links forged between its four core uses – for art, for mounting exhibitions, as a library, and for utilization by the public and by retail. There is also office space. All the different uses interact, flowing seamlessly into one another – like the water. Our design is aimed at creating the kind of museum that connects past and present, as well as offering a vision of the future and giving the city a new look in the form of an architectural landmark.

    Rendering: Fancy Digital Technology Co., Ltd

  • Expanded office management at KSP Engel’s Frankfurt branch 31.03.2022

    From April 2022, the office management of our Frankfurt branch is to be expanded: Alongside Matthias Koch and Dirk Bohnstedt, Thomas Busse and Ulf Gatzke-Yu are now also joining the office management as directors and authorized signatories and will manage their teams independently. They will do so together with their deputies: Brigitte Tapp, Peter Feuerbach, Florian Maass, and Horst Robert Schinschke. KSP Engel International will continue to be headed by Thomas Busse as Managing Director. With the expanded office management structure, we are now more closely connected to our projects and are able to intensify the personal project and client support at our Frankfurt branch. This will enable us to meet the increasing performance requirements and to shorten decision-making processes in project support and planning.

    Photo: Kirsten Bucher

  • Our Central Business Tower in “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” 08.02.2022

    The preparations for the construction of the Central Business Tower in Frankfurt’s banking district have started. Rainer Schulze – the editor responsible for urban planning and architecture of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung section at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily – took this as an occasion to present our high-rise in detail: in issue no. 32 on Feb. 8, 2022. Among other things, he outlines the 20-year history of the project since the design won the competition in 2001, the public usages such as the Weltkulturenmuseum in the podium, the arcade accessible to the public that runs between the ramparts parkland and the CBD, and the heritage-listed elements of the historical banking building. We’re delighted the building has been featured in a full-page article and are looking forward to the future with bated breath.

    Click the article online at.

  • First Prize for Office Ensemble in Berlin’s Wedding District 07.02.2022

    Preserving, modernizing, extending – these are the guiding principles behind our winning design for a new office building including retail space in Berlin. A trio consisting of a building in a rear courtyard that required revitalization, a link-build designed by us, and a prestigious new build facing the street. The latter closes a gap in the buildings on the east-facing side of Koloniestrasse and the perimeter block in the Wedding district. Generous expanses of display windows on the ground floor and the upper stories present an inviting aspect on the street frontage. The concrete of the façade has been stained green, thus giving it a characteristic look and making it stand out from the neighboring buildings. The interplay between open and closed window elements plus the conscious use of parapet modules provide a modern interpretation of the rear-courtyard building’s ornamentation and colors – creating a new unity between the old and the new. Both the retail-space frontage and the food services in the rear courtyard liven the location up, making for a campus-like feel for the office workers on the upper stories. The result is three interrelated elements which make for a harmonious ensemble by means of visual links and interrelated usages.

    Further Informations

  • Grand Mosque of Algiers wins an award at Ingenieurbaupreis 2022 01.02.2022

    Building the world’s third largest mosque in a region where there is the threat of massive earthquakes: That is the quite extraordinary challenge which we tackled as an interdisciplinary team. And in January 2022, our joint planning achievement was rewarded with a prize: Bestowed for 35 years now by renowned construction specialist publisher Ernst & Sohn, the prize goes to outstanding achievements in structural civil engineering.ausgelobte Preis zeichnet herausragende Leistungen im Konstruktiven Ingenieurbau aus.

    The jury of seven experts were impressed by the interdisciplinary nature of the work and the related planning cooperation between engineers, specialist planners, architects and the construction company that realized the project, China State Construction and Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), Peking/ Algiers. They emphasized that “The design planners succeeded in elegantly striking a harmonious balance between the high aesthetic standards and the technical requirements given the loads that had to be factored in and the structure’s durability.”

    We acted as general planners and are delighted by this special award – and would like to congratulate KREBS+KIEFER for the excellent engineering inputs on this quite fascinating project.

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