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KSP Engel is an architectural firm active internationally with over 300 staff members from over 40 countries. We design efficient and sustainable buildings. As the specialists for architecturally discerning projects, we regularly take part in best-of-class competitions. Which we of course want to win.
We like the pressure to innovate. What about you?


We have consciously opted for a decentral structure with five offices in Berlin, Braunschweig, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich as well as international hubs in Beijing and Shenzhen. Each office has a profile all of its own, its own special focuses, and yet together with the others forms a closely-woven know-how network. Benefit from it!


Everything we do, from the smallest property to the largest masterplan is always a team product. Which is why we are always on the look-out for extraordinary individuals to strengthen the KSP Engel team. And, of course, we champion equal gender opportunities and the promotion of diversity.


We attach great importance to performance-based remuneration, to fair pay. Fairness is the key to any system.

Family atmosphere

KSP Engel seeks to foster a family atmosphere at work. We do our best to provide everyone with fresh fruit and with good food. We offer regular health check-ups, go on excursions together, celebrate summer and Christmas parties together.


We always welcome creative individuals, architects who consider themselves designers. We offer flexible working hours – and a great deal of scope for you to bear responsibility in your job.


We want our staff to develop further. Which is why we make certain they benefit from an intercultural and accordingly inspiring setting. We offer our staff members from over 40 different countries fascinating internal advance training options, such as in management, project management, presentation design (Pecha Kucha) and using digital tools (Auto-CAD/REVIT/BIM).


We think tasks right through and go deep enough to be able to shed light on them from various angles. We create systems and break them wherever necessary. We jointly approach each project iteratively and with a view to integration. Join us in turning ideas on their heads.


We wanted to help build tomorrow. So do you? We look forward to hearing from you.


Brita Alexandra Kanis
Head of Financial Administration

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